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You are here: FPG-USA Academy
Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud Investigator Training

or go to: Order Audits to fight foreclosure in court     

Take advantage of the income opportunities and become part of the solution!

We offer 3 course programs: Obtain the knowledge and learn the methods of mortgage analysis as part of a credible defense against foreclosure. Whether you are enhancing your knowledge and credentials or entering a new career, these programs and courses gives you up to 180 hours of online expert instruction from our highly qualifying expert instructor.

Each course is taken online at your own pace. The courses build on the next to provide a comprehensive knowledge upon which to successfully ply our trade. You'll learn to gather evidence, submit it for use in court and then testify on your findings in the process of audit reporting and litigation support to sustain on your expertise and findings. We also provide an earn while you learn program. Go at our own pace with 24/7/365 access. Click for C1 Beg-Int-Advanced Course Info.

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